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Not judging. But if you are buying Halloween candy this many days before Halloween, you’re probably buying the candy for yourselves, right? What candy do you buy that you have no intention of it lasting until the 31st.

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Marisa said

“I feel personally attacked lol. It’s the Reeses for me”


“Reese’s peanut butter cups. I bought two bags yesterday and purposely didn’t buy Reeses so they would last”

Wow, that is character. Dedication to Halloween. A move wiser than the rest of us make.


“Midnight Milky Way. I buy early and save it, but I definitely buy stuff I like to make sure there are good leftovers.”

Tami shared her choice

“Peanut butter M&Ms”

Bought a bag just for you.  You better come to my house, Tami and before they magically disappear long before Halloween.

Mary Anne says

“Or you have 400 to 600 kids come through”

But if all you have left is your favorites, turn out the porch light, lock the door and take that bag you bought for yourself and hide it for tomorrow.


What Halloween Candy Do You Buy ... For Yourself

We asked. You told us. Here are the results

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