Today I was on my morning sail on the high seas of the internet and came across an article on the Bangor Daily News's website about the absolutely astounding story of Charlie Weidman from Hope, Maine that killed a rabid raccoon with a bread knife to save his dog. I mean, sure, you hear about folks who shot an animal in their back yard that was attacking their pet, but seriously.....a dull bread knife out of the junk drawer?!

The thing is, here in Maine we literally have these stories all the time. Seriously! Not even a year ago, Rachel Borch, also of Hope, drowned a rabid raccoon that attacked her as she was about to go running. Heck, maybe the toughest people in Maine all live in Hope. Trash pandas in Hope, Maine better watch out!

But not to be outdone, just a few weeks ago, Dustin Gray from Orrington, went right after a bear that was attacking his puppy in the woods in Dedham. Come on!!! If I saw a bear in the woods, I'd be running so far in the other direction, the only thing that would scare the bear is the speed at which I'm skee-daddling out of there. Before you think I've forgotten about the puppy, the bear would've felt bad for my immense cowardice and let the puppy go.

Let's be real here for a second though...If you see a rabid, wild, angry, perturbed, frustrated, or otherwise ticked-off critter in his own natural habitat, you should stay as far away at a safe distance as possible. Wild animals should never be trifled with in any way, ever. Especially injured ones. There are numerous state agencies such as your local animal control, or Maine State Warden's Service.

But wild animals of the state beware, I mean if they could read, but beware, there are people here in the state of Maine that are not afraid to take care of business. So maybe think twice before you sashay your rabid selves toward the world's toughest folks.


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