The holidays are upon us! There’s so much to do and get done before the big guy arrives on December 25. I have A LOT of people on my list to buy gifts for, and this year I swear I won’t do all my shopping on December 24.

My friends at Mainely Eyes inside the Bangor Mall tell me that November and December is a great time for people to upgrade their glasses or buy new sunglasses. Now, I’m probably not going to buy my mom a new set of frames without her seeing them first. So why not let mom or anyone else on your list pick out their own – with a Mainely Eyes gift certificate? It sure beats that blender I had my eye on…

A gift certificate to Mainely Eyes is the perfect gift for so many people on my list, and yours too. Here are the Top 5 situations where a Mainely Eyes gift certificate would make a great gift this holiday season:

1. Mom is still wearing the same glasses frames from 1996.

Is it time for mom to upgrade her style? Give her a gift certificate to Mainely Eyes, and she can browse their huge line of designer frames and pick out exactly what she wants. She might even splurge on something she might not get otherwise because she has a gift certificate!

2. Your brother just sat on -- and broke -- his FIFTH pair of cheap sunglasses this year.

Sure, it’s easy to pick up a pair of cheap sunglasses here and there. But with a Mainely Eyes gift certificate, your brother can pick out a stylish new pair of sunglasses that will not only look great, but can offer more UV protection from the sun.

3. Aunt Suzy still keeps mistaking you for your older sister … and you’re a guy.

Encourage Aunt Suzy to schedule an eye exam with Goldthwait Vision Care to update that prescription! And when she’s done, she can head over to Mainely Eyes and use her gift certificate for a new set of frames and updated lenses.

4. Your sister recently discovered her children inherited a legacy of poor vision.

Mainely Eyes has an awesome selection of frames for children of all ages, and a Mainely Eyes gift certificate for the parents can go a long way in making sure their children have the right corrective eyewear to make the holiday season and beyond more enjoyable.

5. Anyone else that needs to upgrade their style!

Mainely Eyes has the best selection of designer frames in the area, and by giving a Mainely Eyes gift certificate as a gift this holiday season, it’s just what they need to upgrade their style with a new pair of glasses or sunglasses!

Really, there are endless reasons why someone might need to go to Mainely Eyes this holiday season. Give the gift of sight with a Mainely Eyes gift certificate, and pick yours up on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday. Tell’em Paul Wolfe sent you!