Hunting is one of the oldest family traditions we have here in Maine. Folks around these parts have the opportunity to enjoy the Maine woods year round for some fantastic adventures. Some people go for snowshoe hares and grey squirrels this time of year, while others seek out larger animals like bobcats and foxes.

Whatever your favorite is, many of these seasons are starting to wind down for the year. Bobcats are the first to wrap up on February 21, according to an article from the Associated Press. Soon to follow are foxes and squirrels on February 28. The snowshoe hare closes out the winter season on March 31, although if you live on Vinalhaven Island, hares are done on February 28.

That should hold everyone over until spring wild turkey season begins. Come April 28, we'll be able to put our mud trekking boots on and go find some turkeys we can gobble! So you'll have time to get ready and clean up your blaze orange apparel.

There's no doubt, Maine offers some of the best hunting in the country. We have tons of deer, moose, and game birds. It's always a great excuse to get out in the woods with family and friends and explore Mother Nature's greatness. So put down your phone or  tablet, shut your smartphone off and check out the woods!

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