According to the Maine Forest Service, via a post online from the Portland Press Herald, this year stands to one of the worst browntail moth seasons we've ever had. Which is great news, because it's also supposed to be one of the worst tick seasons we've ever had. Next, I'm sure it'll be the worst bobcat season ever, and we're all gonna be attacked by crazy bobcats.

But... the state has rolled out a new service that will allow you to get all the info you may need about browntail moths from 211 Maine. Folks will now be able to reach out to experts on the subject, and discuss what to do next. Maybe you were just exposed and want to know the best way to treat it? Maybe you just found a nest in your yard, and want to know the best way to dispose of it?

Facebook via Mick Wright
Facebook via Mick Wright

They're pretty easy to spot. They're brownish, with white markings on their sides, and two red dots on top of their body. In trees, they're soon to be emerging from their webby nests in the tops. They seem particularly fond of oaks. Their hairs are toxic, and cause a poison ivy-ish rash, or can also cause some breathing discomfort. Here's a link to a map of hot spots around the state.

And thanks to this new service, there are a number of ways you can source that information now. You can call 211 Maine at 866-811-5695, you can text them your zipcode and receive relevant info about your area, or you can email them at

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