The Buxton Police Department received an interesting case on Wednesday that prompted a Facebook post encouraging vigilance and caution.

A Strange Envelope Mailed to A Buxton Resident

On Wednesday, the police department reports that it received a call about an unusual package mailed to a Buxton resident. The only information on the sender section of the mailed envelope said 'A friend', while the recipient section of the envelope was simply 'To a friend' with the Buxton resident's mailing address.

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While this is strange and unusual in itself, what was inside the package makes this incident an even stranger story. Inside the envelope was a single CD that said 'Watch, copy and share with friends' in black permanent marker.

Possibility of Dangerous Consequences

While this could easily be a CD sent from someone that you could know, not knowing 100% could result in a terrible case of stolen identity.

The Buxton Police Department shared in their Facebook post that this CD could contain malware, computer code that could damage your computer or even enable your computer to become hacked. All the personal information, saved passwords, tax information, social security numbers, etc, could become accessible to someone if that CD contained the right kind of code.

Don't Risk Your Identity Being Stolen

The Buxton Police stated that it hadn't heard from other people in the area with a similar situation but they do want to encourage people to not look at what is on the CD, even if they feel truly compelled. It could cost you more than a broken computer, it could cost you your identity.

Contact your local authorities if you are unsure if you've been scammed or that an attempt may have taken place.

For more information about scams happening in Maine, visit the Office of the Maine Attorney General's website page about Common Consumer Scams and keep yourself educated and safe.

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