We all know Maine is a great place to spend Thanksgiving weekend. And any weekend. Or weekday for that matter.

And as the rest of the country sharpens up their 'be mean and nasty' shopping habits in anticipation of Black Friday, we are going to be kind and courteous and the most patient of shoppers in all of America.

So says the latest survey about holiday retail shopping.

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Out of all those still going into stores to shop for the holidays on Black Friday in Maine, 84% of us are more patient compared to other shoppers across the country.

Not sure how that gets celebrated, but it is nice to get recognized for something a lot of other regions of the country have totally forgotten about.  Being nice and understanding that for our own mental health and wellbeing, it is beneficial to be patient.

Patient with the staff of the store.  Certainly, they are in a stressful situation having to assist the hordes of customers who are not among the 84% of polite and patient Maine shoppers.

Patient with the other shoppers.  Even if they are yanking the item you have in your hands that you are considering purchasing into their hands.

Take a breath. Relax. Be patient.

And know it is all a part of being in the most patient state in America when it comes to holiday shopping.

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We’re Number One. We’re Number One.

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