It has been a very hot and humid summer after the rainy beginning.

And we in Maine might be the lucky ones.  There is a major league heat wave going on in other parts of the country, including all of the south and also in California.

For example, Miami issued an excessive heat warning.  Think about that for a second, how stinkin’ hot it gets there and now it’s even worse.

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So, the thought becomes, how do we all deal with the heat and humidity.

And maybe you can’t head to the beach and get into the water and spend a good part of the day.

Woman on beach watching person in surf

So what to do?

You have heard the drill.  Loose clothing.  Light in color. Stay out of the sun if you can.

But sometimes that just doesn’t solve the problem.  It’s just not quite enough.

Remember it was National Nude Day last Friday. Think about it.

Getty Images
Getty Images

What you do in the privacy of your own home is certainly within your rights, within reason of course. And as long as you are not doing it in the huge living room picture window.

But what about in your own backyard.

If you have a pool, is it legally okay to go skinny dipping?

If you want to walk around the back yard, or sit in the shade under a tree, and not be wearing clothing, is that going to cause the Police Department to come speeding to your house with the sirens at full volume?

How much nudity is okay?

The law in Maine addressing indecent exposure not only doesn't explicitly forbid toplessness, but it also doesn't explicitly forbid exposing anything else either.

The law says you can’t knowingly expose yourself in a way that would offend or alarm.

Vague at best. Hopefully no one is looking into your backyard.

So, do what you will. And if push comes to shove and you get into trouble, this article is not going to hold up in court. Just sayin’. But extreme heat can and does affect our moods and mental health.  Throw yourself at the mercy of the court.

Stay cool.  And hydrate.

chapin31, ThinkStock
chapin31, ThinkStock

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