As a an animal lover myself, this video recently posted to Facebook got me all sorts of of emotional.

Maybe it's because he's a gruff looking, burly dude who you might not expect to be so sympathetic to a helpless little creature. This is a real good reminder of the old saying that you really shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

The man's name is Jeremy Lamarre of North Berwick. He's also known as 'Big J'. That's how he introduces himself in the video.

'Big J' tells the story of how was driving down the road with some buddies, when he spotted two yellow songbirds in the road. He recalls them "actin' weird". One was apparently lying on the ground, "actin' dead" while clinging to a stick.

The other one was "trying to drag his partner out of the road." From that description, it's obvious to me that these two songbirds were also lovebirds. That would be enough of a beautiful tale for me from 'Big J' right there. Wait, what? There's more? Oh yes there is.

However, the story gets surprisingly even better. As our hero got closer to scene, the healthy bird of the two, flew away.

The absolute coolest part of this whole video story is what happens at the very end. that's when we get to see the little yellow songbird's beautiful outcome for ourselves.

'Big J' has evidently got big healing power. That was a really great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.


What kind of bird do you think this is? Tell us in the comments section of the Facebook page.

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