Let's make a couple of things clear...

First, I think human trafficking of any kind is absolutely deplorable, and I never would say or do anything to make light of or glorify it. Additionally, in no way would I ever shame anyone for being a sex worker of any kind. Occasionally, people gotta do what they gotta do, and I take no issue with that. Now... that said...

Is prostitution remotely even a thing in ice shacks?

Lets' be real.... even if you have one of those heated shacks, it can't be excessively warm in there. Of all places for this to be a thing, why an ice shack? Could you imagine trying to get out there? Are these folks out looking for dates on snowmobiles? Are they overhead in a plane looking for shacks?

Every time I've been out, the only hooking that's ever been done happens under the ice, not under anything else. Nor have I ever been around a bunch of dudes that are like, "you know what I really need out here on the lake?" Maybe there's a missed revenue stream here, but I friggin' doubt it. Can you even put a dollar figure on how cold that job would be? But I suppose maybe there's room out in the world for a fleet of "frostitutes".

One mayor in Ohio really thinks this might be a thing.

I was cruising Reddit and found a post from u/Avjycjc8ttghu478, that included a link to this Ohio newspaper. The mayor of Hudson, Ohio seems to think ice shacks are the new hot spot for getting hot and bothered. On this particular lake in Hudson, ice fishing isn't allowed for safety reasons, but the mayor thinks people want permission for a totally different reason.

So naturally, I wondered if anyone ever put this idea forth here in Maine. And naturally, there isn't one single piece of evidence that would suggest this might be a thing. I mean, who wouldn't love a little extra warmth out on the ice, but I might opt for more underwear as opposed to less of it.

If it was a thing, Maine makes you put your name and address on the shack, so they'd have no trouble finding you. But then if you were doing that, it'd make it even easier for someone to rat you out. But as far as whether it could happen, I feel like there's gotta be an easier way to make a buck. Now, if someone wants to drop by the shack and clean some fish..... there might be a real job opportunity.


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