Two hikers from New York had to be rescued from the Appalachian Trail in Maine when they became overwhelmed by the cold and snow.

If you're going to hike during the winter in Maine, it takes a lot of specialized gear and the ability to withstand very cold temperatures, a lesson two hikers from New York have now learned. 36-year-old Jacob Haisley of Red Hook, New York, and 70-year-old Wayne Gage of Schenectady, New York had planned to hike a 15-mile portion of the Appalachian Trail that included Mount Abraham, Spaulding Mountain, and Sugarloaf Mountain on Tuesday.

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They began the hike at around 8:00 in the morning but were quickly slowed by the deep snow, only making it about halfway to their destination by dark. Officials say the men found shelter at the Spaulding Mountain lean-to but didn't have any food, water, or the equipment they would need to survive the night. As the temperatures dropped into the single digits, the men decided hiking out would be impossible and so they called 911 at approximately 5:45 p.m.

Poor planning, coupled with poor decisions, stranded these hikers in very dangerous conditions," said Game Warden Kyle Hladik. "They were very fortunate we were able to get to them quickly.

Wardens spoke with Haisley on the phone and advised him to stay at the lean-to and start a fire. Three game wardens went up much of Spaulding Mountain by snowmobile, and then used snowshoes to cover over three-quarters of a mile to where the hikers were stranded. A quick examination determined that the two men were able to hike out to the waiting snowmobiles. The group arrived safely at the base at approximately 1:00 Wednesday morning. Neither hiker required medical attention.

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