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With Maine's deer firearms hunting season approaching, we have some gear recommendations for new hunters.

Safety first. When hitting the woods, always have at least two articles of blaze orange apparel. Not only does it make you more visible to other hunters, it's a law in Maine while deer hunting.


Another piece of safety gear every hunter should have is a compass. This is a required component of your survival kit in passing a Hunter Education Course in Maine. This compass has many useful features, while remaining cost effective. The compass is adjustable for declination, features a clear base plate for use over a map, and doubles as a signaling device with a large mirror.

TurnOnSport via Amazon


More safety gear, because it's never a bad idea to have a back up. A First Aid Kit is another required component of your hunter's ed survival kit in passing a Hunter Education Course in Maine. You need specific items for a Hunter Ed first aid kit. Matter of fact, it specifically states "A homeowner’s first aid kit does not perform the functions you may need." In addition to a properly outfitted hunting first aid kit, this kit will help round it off, and it's compact to fit in a daypack.


Be Smart Get Prepared via Amazon


Speaking of a daypack, when hitting the woods, you're going to want a backpack to lug  your gear. The Timber Hawk Big Basin Daypack is big enough to carry the essentials, and small enough to remain light while on the hunt.

Timber Hawk via Amazon


Maine in November is cold, especially when you're hitting the woods at first light. Hand warmers are your best friend when sitting completely still, waiting for a deer to cross your path. Put them in your gloves, boots, and jacket.

HeatMax via Amazon


Deer calls are always subject to debate as to which works best. We selected the Extinguisher Deer Call for new hunters because of its ease of use, and comes with good instructional content in the art of calling in a deer.

Illusion Systems via Amazon


When a deer walks within your sights, keep it there. This rifle rest is a nice addition to your hunting gear, offering a sturdy platform for your rifle, so all you need to do is aim and press the trigger. It's adjustable to fit any rifle, and lightweight.

Caldwell via Amazon


When it's down, the work begins. This field dressing kit gives new hunters a lot of the essentials in processing a deer, with gloves, spreaders, bone saw, and various gutting knives. The hard case is also a nice feature for keeping it all organized. Bonus, this will snugly fit in the daypack we mentioned above.

Mossy Oak via Amazon


Whether you're walking out to the stand or blind before dawn, tracking your downed deer after dark, or field dressing past sundown, this headlamp turns night into day. The band of 20 LEDs pump out 300 lumens. Trust us, this bad boy is BRIGHT.

Optimal Ventures via Amazon