Go into a self-checkout lane in a grocery store or a department store and lately we are starting to see more and more signs that say debit or credit cards only, due to a shortage of coins.

Guilty!  I'm a procrastinator. And I'm a hoarder.

Take a look for yourself.

Here's the reason for the shortage of coins in Maine.

Cause of Maine Coin Shortage Uncovered

Do You Have Change For A Hundred Dollar Bill?

Come back soon for 'Scott Goes To The Bank' followed by 'Scott Goes To The Back Specialist.'

$1.75 Million Island Paradise Is Ellsworth's Most Expensive Home For Sale

Would you jump into the pool or the lake? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Wow, this place is really nice. A 6000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 5 bath island paradise with a big, beautiful pool as well. Sign us up!

Isle Wood is located at 452 Philips Way in Ellsworth with 1000+ feet of shoreline on Branch Lake, the City of Ellsworth's water source. The water is crystal clear in both the lake and the pool for that matter.

The French-style home that was built in 1996 is located on an island with it's own bridge to the mainland, so if you dig privacy, then this is your place! It's also been renovated extensively and set up for year-round living.

We found it listed by Acadia Realty Group for $1.75 million and it includes over 5 acres of land, which gives you plenty of room to have the time of your life.

Peek Inside The Most Expensive House Currently For Sale In Maine

This $10.5 million compound on Hope Island in Casco Bay is the stuff that dreams are made of. With expansive grounds, a couple of guest houses, a horse barn, and a dock that connects to deep water frontage, what more would one desire?

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