All the talk right now, is obviously about measles. After getting word yesterday that we have our first confirmed case here in Maine, it's pretty much all there is to talk about. But according to, the Maine CDC says that the good old flu still hasn't finished having it's way with us.

Thousands of cases have been confirmed, and tons of folks were hospitalized throughout this flu season. But even though we're here in May, there's a couple late-blooming strains that may still be causing some grief. Mostly the culprits right now are H1N1, and Influenza B.

The catch is, since it's spring, a lot of folks have allergies. With all that sneezing and congestion, some people may not be totally aware they even have the flu. The easiest way to tell, is that allergies have pretty one-dimensional symptoms. You sneeze and have a runny nose. The flu has all that other awesome stuff like fever, body aches, chills, muscle aches.... plus all the sneezing and congestion.

Definitely make sure to take care of yourself against the flu just a bit longer. We may not be totally out of the woods yet. And since it's twice as easy to forget right now, with all the hub-bub surrounding measles, you may just try to dismiss it as something else. Then you run the risk of being sick longer, and possibly making others ill in the process.

So watch your back, and keep the hankies handy just a little longer.

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