From backstage mishaps to Oscars-like flubs, Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan are prepared for whatever may come their way while co-hosting the 2017 ACM Awards. In recent interviews, the two country stars have been sharing how they're ready for anything when they step onto the stage on Sunday night (April 2).

"Luke's got this bag -- it's backstage, this green bag -- and it has every supply you could possibly think of," Bentley tells Entertainment Tonight. "It's got, like, bandages in there, and Imodium A-D ..."

"Imodium?!" Bryan interjects, acting slightly offended (the drug treats diarrhea and its symptoms).

"Oh, I'm sorry -- Preparation [H]," Bentley continues. "No, Neosporin ..."

Aside from potential injuries and illnesses, Bentley and Bryan also have to make sure to make the correct introductions when announcing the evening's performers and awards presenters ... and that nobody says the wrong winners name, a la the La La LandMoonlight mixup at the 2017 Academy Awards. But, don't worry: The two have a plan in place for if something like that happens, too.

"Yeah, I do this ...," Bentley tells Inside Edition, as he turns around and walks away from the interview.

"You start knocking people out," Bryan adds with a smile. "You just -- you start knocking people out."

The 2017 ACM Awards are set to air live on CBS beginning at 8PM ET. For the first time ever, the show will take place at T-Mobile Arena.

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