Spring has finally sprung! Well, kind of anyway. The birds are singing, the bees are thinking about buzzing, and the Black Bears are starting to wake up from their long, winter's nap. Have you given much thought to how you're storing your garbage, or pet food?

Maybe you should. Bears are more on the prowl right now after awakening, because they are starved. I know if I go more than 8 hours without eating something, I've been told I'm a bear. Actually I've been called a lot of things if I go that long without eating. Most of which I cannot print here. So it's no surprise that ursus americanus is out to score an easy meal after sleeping for months.

This video from the Maine Warden's Service has several tips for keeping your home safe. Because the last thing you want is some big old bear in your garage knocking things over and destroying everything in sight!

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