All I can think of is the Walter Scott quote, "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to device."

The mystery and intrigue surrounding the Obama administration's handling of the threat we face from radical Islamists is perplexing at best. At the worst it's naive and dangerous.

Since the 9-11terrorist attacks on this country, carried out by nineteen radical Islamists, fifteen of whom were "trusted travelers" from Saudi Arabia, I've read thousands of pages of congressional testimony, researched articles, read numerous books, and conducted countless interviews on the subject of radical Islam and the threat it represents. I wanted to understand who attacked us and why.

In my series Got Power? I posted my first interview with Reza Kahlili, Author of A Time to Betray and former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. He risked every thing turning his back on his country, family, and heritage to serve as the "eyes and ears" for the CIA. He did so thinking he could warn the United States about the jihad. He also believes the key to true Middle East peace, and a reduction in terrorist violence across the globe, comes down to how this administration deals with the Iranian mullahs.

In this article, I have posted my entire interview with Reza, and my latest interview last Friday ( 4-26-13) with Senator Susan Collins, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Unfortunately, my time with the Senator was limited.

It is strongly suggested, through both interviews, that the Obama administration, for reasons not immediately clear, fails to acknowledge or adequately protect this nation from the threat of Islamic terrorism.

The security of this nation, including little boys who go to a race to cheer for Dad, depends on the absolute truth and total transparency of all branches of government, regardless of political agendas.

I post these interviews in full so that you might have a chance to better understand how important it is that we demand accountability and actions from our leaders.

As Reza is quick to point out in this interview, the answer to peace does not require more money spent, or lives lost in senseless wars, rather the understanding of the radical ideology that confronts us and the courage to demand our leaders take action to put a stop to the cultural and violent jihad bent on destroying this great nation.

Senator Susan Collins

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Reza Kahlili 2

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