When I received an email from a reputable source that talked about how to locate your stolen laptop using a program, it got my attention.

A while back I was taking a few college courses. During that time laptops came up missing frequently on campus. I remember once when I walked into Fogler Library on the UMaine Orono campus to study for an exam, a student was flipping out because her laptop was stolen while she was in the restroom. It happens quickly, even in a room full of people.

Think about it, you've invested heavily. You've spent a few hundred or a thousand bucks or more on your dream laptop, and it's full of sensitive information, pictures, and pretty much every song you have ever downloaded. Then comes along some low-life creep who snatches the prized possession you've worked so hard to obtain. How do you get it back?

Your solution may be Prey Project. It's a free download that enables you to keep track of your computer at all times. You simply log into their site from another computer, and with the click of a mouse report the item missing. Once the thief turns on the computer it will automatically tap into the closest Wi-fi hot spot. Not only that, but it will take a picture of who ever is sitting in front of your laptop using the laptop's webcam. It may be someone you know.

But wait, there's more! It will also triangulate it's location on a map, even giving you an I.P. address of the street address. You only need to give the information to the authorities and let them take it from there.

If you have an interest in the free download of Prey Project for PC of Mac, check out their website, and also a Youtube review video that I found from an independent source. Like I had mentioned earlier, the information about Prey Project came from a reputable source, but it's always wise to do your own research.

Call it free insurance. Click here: Prey Project