The folks over at Tea & Tarts on State Street in downtown Bangor, have taken the idea of paying it forward, and really run with it. With nights getting colder, and the days getting shorter, they've developed an awesome voucher program to help out folks who may really need a hand.

If you go into the restaurant, you can purchase a $2, $5, or $10 gift card that is then hung on the wall inside. If someone comes in and needs a hot beverage to warm up, or even a meal, folks can use one of the 'pay-it-forward' vouchers. No judgement, and no questions asked.

Owner Caity Brown said this to WABI - TV5:

It's starting to get a little colder at night. People are really struggling, people who may not have anywhere to go to sleep indoors. It's heartbreaking to me, and I know it's heartbreaking to a lot of people. So, this is just a way we can help them out, give them a warm place to go, something warm to drink, something to eat.

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of folks paying it forward in the line at their favorite coffee spot or something like that, but this really hits folks where they live. These vouchers will be going to folks who really need it. Not just a feel-good move at the drive-thru. Even better, Tea & Tarts matches every voucher that's purchased.

If you want more info, stop by the store, or check out the details on their Facebook page. It's nice to see people doing good right here in our own downtown.



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