Literacy Volunteers of Bangor has had to change the way they do their tutoring, so they need volunteer virtual tutors, who can teach digital skills.

We're all adapting to something in 2020, whether it's working from home, learning from home, or becoming a teacher as well as a parent. And, for many, those modifications are demanding a whole new level of digital literacy. Platforms we never had too use before, like virtual meeting apps, are an everyday necessity. So many people are turning to Literacy Volunteers to help them improve their digital literacy and reading comprehension, which is creating a need for tutors.

A background in education is not needed to become a volunteer tutor, but a desire to help others improve their skills and the ability to teach online are important. I can't imagine how challenging it must be to virtually teach someone computer skills. But Literacy Volunteers has the solutions, with options like talking the student through the initial steps over the phone, or by texting, or even through an online chat. And, let's be honest, a lot of people benefit from hands-on-learning, so it's a win-win situation.

If you think being a virtual tutor is something you'd like to do, contact Literacy Volunteers of Bangor to sign up for tutor training, which will begin in early October. The training is also done virtually and includes a textbook for $25. LV Bangor Director Mary Marin Taylor says, if you can't afford the cost of the book, contact them anyway, as scholarships are available. Get more information from the Literacy Volunteers of Bangor website or by calling 947-8451.

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