A Lewiston man was allegedly seen driving aggressively before leading police on a scary, high-speed chase.

Maine State Police say Trooper Tyler Nadeau was assisting the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office with a traffic stop on Route 202 in Greene, when the Deputy tried to stop the group of motorcyclists. Only one pulled over for the Deputy, while the other two continued on, in the direction of Leeds. But one of the riders must have decided to check on his buddy, because he drove back by the scene. Trooper Nadeau noticed the motorcycle didn't have a registration plate and tried to pull it over, but the driver took off. The Trooper gave chase, until speeds reached a level too dangerous to continue. He said the motorcyclist continued to do multi-vehicle passes in oncoming lanes, at speeds that were clocked at 154 mph.

When Trooper Nadeau encountered the same motorcycle in Leeds, a few minutes later, he again attempted to get it to pull over. The driver, once again, refused to stop and continued southbound on Route 202, towards Lewiston. Deputies in the Greene area clocked the bike at 135 mph and started a pursuit. Once again, however, speeds reached a dangerous level and they stopped following the motorcycle.

It was several hours later, when law enforcement officers were able to identify the driver as Devin Jeselskis of Lewiston, and locate him standing in the driveway of a residence in Auburn. When Jeselskis saw the officers, he ran to a nearby apartment building, but eventually surrendered to police.

Maine State Police charged Devin Jeselskis with:

  • Eluding arrest
  • Driving to Endanger
  • Criminal Speed
  • Operating Without a License
  • Operating after Suspension
  • Several traffic citations

The Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office has also charged Jeselskis with several crimes.

State Police continue to investigate this incident.

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