Let's Wrestle, the Central Maine affiliate of Limitless Wrestling, is all set to celebrate its 5 Year Anniversary! 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 15th, because Let's Wrestle: 5 Year Anniversary is coming to the Indoor Yard Sale in Brewer. Located at 80 Rudman Road, this venue will be transformed into a battleground for the wrestlers to showcase their skills and entertain the fans.

One of the most highly anticipated matches of the night will see the tag team champions, MSP, defend their Let's Wrestle Tag Team Title against the formidable duo of Alexander Lee and "Masshole" Mike McCarthy. Former MSP member Alexander Lee joins forces with the former Let's Wrestle Champion, McCarthy, in a bid to claim tag team supremacy.

There's another thrilling tag team clash lined up. The new No. 1 contender, Jason Maverick, will team up with former Let's Wrestle Champion, Mac Daniels, to take on the reigning champion, BRG, and the determined Eric Johnson. It's a battle of generations as two Maine wrestling veterans unite to face two rising stars from the Limitless Wrestling Dojo.

The returning Let's Wrestle veterans, Owen Brody, B.A. Tatum, and Murdock, will lock horns with a trio of talented newcomers from the Limitless Wrestling Dojo - The Dunky Boy Bandit, Big Cat, and rookie "Super Fan" John Austin. Expect fireworks as experience meets raw potential.

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Here’s the card for Saturday’s show so far:


Let’s Wrestle Tag Titles

MSP vs. Alexander Lee & "Masshole" Mike McCarthy


Tag Team Grudge Match

BRG & Eric Johnson vs. Mac Daniels & Jason Maverick


OGs vs. New Blood

The Syndicate vs. Dunky Boy Bandit, Super Fan, & Big Cat


The Rematch

Ava Everett vs. Elle Valentine


First Time Ever

TJ Crawford vs. Diego Alvarez


Remember, the action unfolds on Saturday, July 15th, at the Indoor Yard Sale in Brewer. Doors open at 7 PM, and the bell time is at 7:30 PM. Don't miss your chance to celebrate Let's Wrestle's 5 Year Anniversary. Tickets are available on their website, here.

In anticipation of the show, check out a few full matches from the Limitless Wrestling YouTube channel, featuring wrestlers that will be in action on Saturday.

MSP, Alexander Lee, and "Masshole" Mike McCarthy:

Mac Daniels and Eric Johnson:

Dunky Boy Bandit and Jason Maverick:

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