Construction at the new Maine Savings Amphitheater at the Bangor waterfront is nearing close to an end, and the start of this year's concert season is getting ready to kick off this summer.

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David De Lossy

While most of the major changes to the facility have been pretty obvious and highly visible, there is one really important change that you won't necessarily be able to see, but you're going to want to know about it before you head to your first show.

Leather Wallet with Money and credit cards.

According to the Maine Savings Amphitheater Facebook Page, the venue will not take cash.

"No more CASH... We will have a location inside the venue that you can convert cash into a card to use inside the venue."

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The post goes on to say that "all sales inside the venue will no longer accept cash as payment."
They will however accept the usual debit and credit cards, along with mobile payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
This announcement was met with mixed reviews. Some folks in the comment section inquired about what would happen to cash converted to cards but not spent at that particular show?
Others lamented that it would be easier to overspend and harder to budget if cash was no longer an option.
People were also quick to point out that this is the way many other out-of-state venues are now operating.
Love it or hate it, this is their new policy. So, as you get ready to head out to your first big event at the new Maine Savings Amphitheater, remember to check ahead of time about what you can and cannot bring with you through the gates. (You can do that by clicking here. )  And bring something other than cash to pay for things once you get there.

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