After a driver suffered frostbite during a weekend car accident, Maine State Police are reminding residents of the importance of always having warm winter clothing in their vehicles.

Richard Matthews, 49, crashed his vehicle in Dyer Brook Saturday, on I-95, when he swerved to avoid something in the roadway. He suffered injuries in the accident, and then developed hypothermia and frostbite when he ran for a mile, looking for help. So police say it's important to be prepared for possible exposure to the cold.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

How often do we hop in our vehicles, wearing clothing that's not designed for warmth, figuring we'll be fine until we get to our destination? No hat or mittens or warm socks and boots, just a light jacket and sneakers or heels. I know I used to do it frequently, hopping in my car early in the morning in work clothes and a jacket. But, after spending some time in a snowbank at 5 a.m., I now make sure I always have gloves and a warm hat, at the very least.

State Police shared a graphic on their website from the Maine Emergency Management Agency, to offer reminders about the symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite. Precautions include limiting time outside in extreme temperatures, staying dry, and covering as much exposed skin as possible.


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