Justin Moore fans, you'd better behave yourselves at the singer's shows. Otherwise, the country star himself is liable to give you a good talking-to.

Moore was performing in Chicago, Ill., on Thursday night (Aug. 25) when he noticed a fan disrespecting another fan in the audience. Brianne Gustafson, who was at Moore's concert and uploaded video of the incident to YouTube, tells The Boot that the artist saw a male crowdmember throw something at a woman standing nearby -- so he stopped singing and laid down the law.

"Hey, hey, hey! Look at me!" Moore says, pointing and gesturing at the offending fan. "If you ever throw anything at a woman at another one of my shows, I'm gonna beat the f--k out of you."

Harsh words -- but likely effective. The rest of the audience clearly approved of Moore's methods, cheering as the singer stood back up and strode away from the scene. Readers can press play above to watch -- but be forewarned, there's some strong language!

Moore released a new album, Kinda Don't Care, on Aug. 12. The father of three girls has plenty of female fans, but one of the most influential women in his career is his wife, Kate -- and not just as his inspiration.

“She’s been pretty involved,” Moore admits of his wife's role in his music. “She’s got a really good ear, and she comes at it from a different perspective than myself or any other artist comes at it: We’re so calculated … She listens with an unbiased ear, if you will. She just knows if she likes it or not … and more times than not, she’s been spot on.”

In fact, there have been times that Moore hasn’t heeded his wife’s advice, only to realize too late that she was right.

“There have been songs that she’s wanted me to cut that I didn’t, and they’ve been hits for other people,” he concedes. “She always does, ‘I told you. I told you.’”

A list of all of Moore's upcoming concerts is available on his official website.

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