Many women in entertainment are giving their opinions on the recent number of sexual assault and harassment allegations in the news lately, and Jennifer Nettles -- who's been a working musician since her college years -- is adding her voice and support to the mix.

The Sugarland singer and solo artist told People Country that the flood of stories coming to light aren't surprising. "All you need is a catalyst for this, in the sense that there were a couple of women who were brave enough to stand up and make their story known," she noted.

"Women don't come out and speak their truth because many times they aren't believed, and that then adds insult to the injury of the pain you've already experienced," Nettles added. "I think the fact that women started to be believed, they all started to feel empowered as a community, they started to feel empowered to support each other and say 'Yes, come out and tell your stories and speak your truth, because if we don't bring this darkness to the light, it will continue.

"The more light we shine on it, the more people will be able to see and go, oh, this is really pervasive throughout our culture."

When asked if she finds the number of accusations stemming from the entertainment world to be troubling in particular, Nettles took a practical view: "It's not surprising to me because it doesn't surprise me in general," she said. "The entertainment industry is just a microcosm of the bigger macro. We're not any different. There's sexual harrassment, and sexual violations and rape that goes on across the board regardless of the industry or how and where it happens in life. It just so happens that this particular industry is very visible."

Nettles herself has no intention of retiring from the industry. She recently announced that she and her Sugarland partner Kristian Bush have decided to reunite and join forces after four years of separate solo projects.

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