Jenna Paulette had her husband in mind when she shot the video for her new song, "ILYSM." The song's title is an acronym for "I love you so much," and that was Paulette's overriding thought when she wrote the lyrics.

"'ILYSM' was inspired by everything I was feeling right before I got married — just stupid in love," she tells Taste of Country. "My husband played basketball in college, hence the lyrics, "Number 23 pullin' on the strings ... wanting your last name to be written on more than just the back.' So really he was the inspiration behind it."

Paulette originally hails from the Dallas area, but she also spent a lot of time on her family's ranch. As a result, she's a "walking juxtaposition," according to her bio. The singer-songwriter calls her unique blend of modern and traditional "the New West," and it carries over into the music she's made since moving to Nashville.

That's evident in "ILYSM," which layers traditional instruments including banjo into an ultra-modern pop-influenced track. Paulette's new video for "ILYSM" showcases the same marriage of old and new, featuring her decked out in some cowgirl duds while singing a song that's decidedly progressive.

"The video was so fun to shoot. I loved the concept because it embraced my 'hip-hop soul' and the cowgirl in me, as the director, Todd Cassetty, put it," she states.

"We shot most of it in an old middle school gym in Nashville. There was a disco ball saddle involved ... so there's that!" she adds with a laugh. "Also, I put my husband's last name on the back of the hoodie which was a fun little nod to him."

Paulette is also one of the Song Suffragettes, an all-female collective that performs a regular weekly showcase at the Listening Room in Nashville. She was among the rising female artists who appeared in their recent "Time's Up" video.

Keep up with Jenna Paulette via her official website, or by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"ILYSM" is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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