Jamie Lynn Spears is a knife-wielding superhero ... a bread knife, anyway. The 23-year-old singer wasted no time in finding a way to break up a fight involving a friend. New video shows her confidently walking behind a sandwich counter to pick up a knife, which she used to scare away the bad guys.

TMZ nabbed the security footage from the Pita Pit in Hammond, La. After pulling her friend from the scrum, the country singer is seen pacing around until she finds the perfect weapon. From behind the counter she waves it at whoever was still wrestling in the dining room. The most frightened guy looks to be the poor sandwich clerk, who soon begins frantically calling for help.

No arrests were made after police arrived as Spears and her friend declined to press charges. It's not clear if anyone was injured. No one caught the business end of Super Mom's blade, however. She kept the width of the vegetable bar between her and the perpetrators at all times.

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