Here in New England, we know we're lucky to live in one of the best parts of the US.

Over the years, countless websites have directed high praise towards our region. We've received shoutouts for having some of the hottest zip codes, most underrated destinationsbest small citiescoolest and coziest towns, and so on.

Now, a website called Kobocents has chimed in by publishing a list of 13 of the US' most charming towns, including a scenic Seacoast community that yours truly loves: Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


The choice to feature Portsmouth among the nation's most charming towns comes as no surprise to yours truly. The charming and historic port city sits right on the Piscataqua River, and is home to countless shops and restaurants, various live entertainment options, seasonal events, and the beautiful Prescott Park. Whether you're visiting during peak summer tourism season or the quieter winter months, there's always something new to do.

Here's some of what Kobocents had to say about the coastal town:

The picturesque town of Portsmouth is full of elegant houses, charming little shops, and beautiful parks. This charming little town is a place to come relax, enjoy time off, and enjoy the views of the town.

Portsmouth is famous for its historic charm, which also extends to its restaurants. Here are some of the oldest ones in town, where you'll enjoy an amazing and memorable dining experience. Which ones have you been to?

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