People who don't live in Maine probably think that the only weird and spooky things that happen in this state are in fictional towns conjured up by the master of horror, Stephen King. In reality, that's not the case.

There's a lot of space in Maine for a lot of weird stuff to happen, and if you believe people's stories, plenty of it has taken place. Whether it be countless UFO sightings or the highest frequency of ghost sightings in the entire United States, it happens right here in Maine. And no town in Maine has had more ghost sightings in the last 17 years than Sanford.

Maine was found to have the highest frequency of ghost sightings in the country, with 56 sightings per every 100,000 people from r/Maine

According to data from, people from Sanford have reported 23 different ghost sightings or encounters since 2005. Many of those strange encounters are filled with goosebumps-inducing detail on their website. Some of the stories feel like a rough draft from a future season of American Horror Story.


But Sanford isn't the only town in Maine that is seeing ghosts. There have been more than 800 ghost sightings or encounters reported in Maine over the last 17 years. Given the state's population, that is the most ghost sightings or encounters per capita than any other state in the country. Either Maine people take Halloween very seriously, or something is going on in the darkest crevices of this state.

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