Not every road trip is created equal. Some road trips are all about that one particular destination. Others may be less about the destination and more about the journey. And if you're really ambitious, some road trips can last over the course of several days and beyond.

24/7 Tempo recently released a list of the road trips across the United States that they believe are the best. The choice for Maine was an interesting and lengthy one. It's not about the mountains, beach, or state parks. 24/7 Tempo chose food, and we're all about it.

24/7 Tempo has named Maine's 'Seafood Trail' as the best road trip in the state to experience for 2024. It's filled with plenty of food, plenty of scenery, and 24/7 believes it could span as many as three days.

Lobster boats tied up to a pier, Portland, Maine.

The 'seafood trail' is a 264-mile jaunt that kicks off in Portland. Choose your own adventure as to which place in Maine's largest city you'd like to visit for a fresh lobster, and then experience a little art in the city while you're there.

Boats moored in Camden, Maine harbor

24/7 Tempo suggests you hop on Route One and make your way up the coast, peeling off occasionally to visit some of Maine's most idyllic small towns. There's plenty to choose from along the way, whether you're hoping to shop for antiques or indulge in fresh oysters or steamed mussels.

View of Sand Beach from Great Head at Acadia National Park

The third major stop on the 'seafood trail' is Mt. Desert Island. 24/7 Tempo suggest you use this visit to work off all those calories by swimming, hiking, or galavanting around the many beaches, trails, and swim spots in the area.

The fourth stop on the 'seafood trail' is a trip to Machias. There's some great hidden gems in Machias that serve up classic Maine lobster rolls and exquisite slices of blueberry pie.


The fifth and final stop on the 'seafood trail' is a trip to Lubec. Maine. The town is most notably the first place to see the sun rise in the United States. But there are a couple joints in town that serve up some mean clam chowder as well.

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