There's a very good reason why the phrase "life is short" has been prevalent in pop culture for decades. The statement is direct and to the point, a reminder to make the best of the days you have on planet Earth.

Data compiled by the CDC puts our mortality into focus once again. A recent report lists off the life expectancy rates from birth in every single state across the country as well as the nation's capital, Washington D.C.

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If you're focused strictly on Maine as a whole, the news is actually pretty good. The life expectancy of Maine residents from birth is better than 37 other states in the nation. The average individual that lives in Maine from birth has a life expectancy of 77.8 years old.

Another interesting wrinkle in the data is the large discrepancy between the life expectancy from birth of women and men in Maine.

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Women in Maine continue to have an average life expectancy from birth past the age of 80. Maine ranked 14th in the nation, with a female life expectancy of 80.7 years old.

Men in Maine were not even close to that. The average life expectancy from birth for men in Maine is 74.9. That ranks 18th in the nation. It's nearly a full six years shorter in life expectancy than women in Maine.

Hawaii remains the state with the longest life expectancy from birth in the United States at 80.7 years per individual. Mississippi ranks last in life expectancy from birth in the country at 71.9 years per individual.


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