A career in media, especially television, is an interesting one.

Whether you like it or not, and whether you strive to be or not, you're automatically considered a public figure. And, with the way the world works now, that public figure status immediately opens you up to public scrutiny (thanks, social media.)

Meghan Torjussen via Facebook
Meghan Torjussen via Facebook

However, when you're in television, it's absolutely amplified. Not only does a news reporter on television have to deal with backlash of their story content, or even something as ridiculous as being torn apart if the unpredictable weather differs from a meteorologist's latest report, but their appearance also comes into play for unsolicited feedback.

Because, for whatever reason, even though people tune into a news channel for information about the news, a reporter's new hairstyle can be what means most to some viewers. (Make it make sense, though, because it doesn't.)

But, all that said, there is still something that both viewers and even reporters themselves not only love, but have fun with -- a good news blooper, like the one that has recently gone viral involving a reporter being given an elf name and, well, it just goes horribly (and hilariously) wrong.

Maine News Bloopers

Even though the above viral blooper involved a global news outlet, Maine reporters aren't immune to producing bloopers of their own, as popular WMTW reporter Meghan Torjussen recently found out first hand (and generously shared on her Facebook page, since sometimes, you really just need to laugh at yourself.)

Because as Meghan was starting a recent newscast on Channel 8, she had a mishap that thankfully was a bit of a slip instead of a full out fall, live on air, all because she stands on a box at times.

Thankfully, as you saw, Meghan was not only not injured, but was able to laugh at herself. But, seriously, on a side note -- props to all of the amazing news reporters here in Maine, throughout the rest of New England, and the world, really, that have to balance on a box in heels while live on television.

There are some people (like the author of this article) that struggle walking in normal sneakers on flat ground in every day life.

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