Bills. No one likes them. I challenge you to find someone who says they like paying their bills. Impossible. You likely don't enjoy paying bills, even if you earn money well beyond your needs. They just keep coming.

Ever wonder how much we Mainers are paying on our bills on average? keeps statistics on how much each state in the county is paying in bills.

Their most recent report is from 2022, and shows that Mainers pay an average of $1922 a month in bills, placing us right in the middle of the pack at the 24th most expensive bill-paying state. However, the breakdown of the bills we're paying in Maine does show that we pay more for some things than most states.

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In 2022, the average monthly cost in Maine for a mortgage, rent, auto loans, auto insurance, health insurance, and life insurance are all below the national average. We pay more than the national average for utilities, cable and satellite, and mobile phones. Utilities are the biggest hit for us with an average of $452 a month, while the national average sits at $328 per month.

I guess you have to look at the bright side that 26 states are paying more than we are in bills.

But how about we break it down even further to find out which city or town in Maine pays the most for their monthly bills? The winner (or loser, depending on how you look at it), is Scarborough. Residents of Scarborough, Maine, pay $2547 per month on average, the most out of any city in the state.

So how about the rest of Maine? It would take up way too much space to list every town and city in the state, so we've got the top 16 towns or cities in Maine that have the highest monthly bills.

People Living in These 16 Maine Towns Have The Highest Monthly Bills in the State

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Why does Scarborough pay so much in bills? I would assume that it's location, location, location. They are right next to the ocean, and that means you need deeper pockets to live there than you would need in a rural town like Buckfield. Bigger pockets mean bigger homes and higher utility bills, which as we pointed out, are higher than the national average in Maine.

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