You've got to love the tenacity and ingenuity of folks who are really determined to make something good happen. The folks behind Skijor Bangor are a great example of that.

While Mother Nature has been putting a damper on most fun things the last few months (think storms that made the holiday season soggy at best, and made winter activities like the Can-Am races and ice fishing nearly or altogether impossible) the organizers of this year's inaugural run of Skijor Bangor, aren't going down without a fight.

Rain and unseasonably warm temperatures this past week have melted most of the snow in the area. And for an event that's based outside (think water skiing with a horse pulling you instead of a boat and you're traveling over snow and ice instead of water)  event organizer Jodi MacGregor had to get creative and think outside the box for a way to get snow set up MacGregor decided to call in some favors.

There's a ton of snow piled up at the Bangor International Airport. Much of that snow has been trucked over to a new location.

Bangor International Airport 6, Cori Skall
Bangor International Airport 6, Cori Skall

MacGregor says folks have been hauling snow, by the truckload, over to the Bangor Raceway, behind the Cross Insurance Center. This is the site where the Skijor Bangor event will take place, fingers crossed, this weekend.

Piles of Snow At Bangor Raceway for Skijor Bangor Event, Jodi MacGregor
Piles of Snow At Bangor Raceway for Skijor Bangor Event, Jodi MacGregor

MacGregor says as long as the temps and conditions cooperate, there are no plans yet to cancel the event.

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Skijor Bangor is the last of 3 Skijor events in the state of Maine, the other two having taken place the last few weekends in Thopsam and Skowhegan.

The Skijor Bangor Facebook Page describes the event as:

" a time-trial race where a horse and rider pull a snowboarder or alpine skier down a 1,000-foot track of gates, rings and jumps. Participants will compete for swag and cash prizes."

Skijor 2, courtesy of Skijor Bangor with permission from Jamie Walter
Skijor 2, courtesy of Skijor Bangor with permission from Jamie Walter

MacGregor says she hasn't lost hope and, like everyone else involved with the festivities, is crossing her fingers for cold, snowy weather.

There will be a Friday Night Pre-party right at the grandstand, where competitors can come early, have some food and a drink, get their bib early, and meet the other folks in the competition.

The Skijor Bangor event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 2nd, starting at 10 AM.

MacGregor says if any changes need to be made to the schedule, or if the event should have to be canceled (worst case scenario) that information will be made available through the Skijor Bangor Facebook Page and website.

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