I never have a camera when you need one.

I'm the king of people who see crazy stuff happen, but never seem to have the mental foresight to get my phone out of my pocket in time to actually film whatever's happening. If a UFO landed in my back yard, I'd be too busy rubbernecking out the window to even think to film any of it.

man running away from a UFO

Luckily, some people know exactly what to do when they find themselves in the right place at the right time. On the other hand, cooler things often happen in small towns than larger ones. It's not every day you see a random animal show up in the streets of Portland. It happens, but not as often as it might in say, Dixmont. I remember seeing Dixmont had pigs running amok for a day or two. You won't see that on Munjoy Hill.

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I'm sure Wilton, Maine has had its fair share of random animals.

Smaller towns have all the things we never get. You might see a moose walking down Maine Street of any given spot. You might have to wait for a minute while a herd of deer cross the road in front of you. Or sometimes, it's not deer, but just a misplaced chicken hanging out at the crosswalk, waiting its turn to cross.


That actually did just happen in Wilton, near-ish to Rumford. Someone on Reddit posted a video of a chicken, in the middle of what's probably considered rush hour in those parts. But the big, all black jaywalking chicken was just patiently pacing by the side of the road, waiting to cross. Of course it does beg the question, why was this chicken going to cross the road? Scope the video:

Lol only in Maine. Chicken was waiting at crosswalk 2
byu/2drunk2remember inMaine

There is a teenie bit of language in the video from the person who posted it, but the person also commends this beautiful bird on it's crosswalk skills. As most pedestrians just walk right out into traffic without a care in the world. We should all aspire to be more like this majestic future dinner. Wait your turn, and be respectful of those around you. I'll tell you, I bet that's why this chicken didn't cross the road.

Are chickens on this list?

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