I think we can all agree that there's mixed feelings our new license plate.

For a while now, there's been all sorts of online chatter about Maine's new 1901 flag inspired license plate. A lot of people are super into it, others not so much. Then even among the people who were on board with it, there was division about how "accurate" the image of the pine tree was.

A view near Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park.

Then of course, just tons of controversy in general about switching away from the chickadee plate in the first place. But historically, Maine has switched up the primary license plate several times, just in my lifetime. The lobster plate, the loon plate... Heck, Maine offers tons of options about what you can put on your front and back. But never... Have I ever seen a license plate get revenge against its haters.

Look closely at the top of the pine tree.

On Reddit, a user pointed out that the top of the pine tree basically looks like it's flipping you off. Yup, just one big, old middle finger right at the top. The very tippy top, shining its complete disregard for your feelings, as if to say, "Hey... I'm here, and there ain't one single thing you can do about it." Just look at it...


It's funny, because once you see it, you absolutely cannot un-see it. For eternity, you will now only see a piney finger, showing you who's boss. Sure, it could all get voted away someday. Some future state government will decide the pine tree has to go. Until then, this one will stand defiant to anyone who dares defy it.

This isn't the first time a Maine icon has decided to be so rude.

A few years ago, it was noticed that depending on which direction you were traveling down Main Street in Bangor, it could look like Paul Bunyan was also flipping you the bird. So there seems to be some precedent for Maine iconic figures to have no appreciation for your drama.

Paul Wolfe -a1 Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe -a1 Townsquare Media

To me, this adds a whole new layer to how cool the new design is. I get its not for everybody, and that's fine. You have many options to choose from in Maine besides the 1901 flag design. After all... Are we, or are we not, the Pine Tree State?

You can add, "flipped off by a license plate", to this list...

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