For most Mainers, coffee is life.

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We live in a state where Dunkin' is held in higher esteem than almost any other business there is. People will worry more about the distance they live from the closest Dunks, than they worry about the distance to the closest hospital. Mainers sit in line for up to 30 minutes for their morning blast.

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But it would seem that when it comes time to brew coffee at home, we just absolutely fail. My home brew is the one place I personally don't cheese out. I buy high quality, whole bean coffee, and grind it myself so it's always fresh. However, most folks seem to be putting America's lowest rated coffee in their pots.

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You probably have some sitting in your cupboard right now.

J.M. Smucker Company Announces Its Raising Coffee Prices By 9 Percent
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According to, there are 6 brands in particular that are seen as the worst choices we could make. There's a Costco coffee on the list. Good old fashioned Nescafe is on there. Surprisingly, America's ultimate gas station brand, Green Mountain, was also there. Even Starbucks is in 2nd place nationwide. But Folger's?!

Starbucks Introduces Coffee Drinks Infused With Olive Oil
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But topping the list, is Folger's. While it's definitely an American standard, the brand offers no significant quality assurances or organic options, leading folks to question things like freshness or thoughts toward sustainability. Ultimately, it still outsells every other brand, but big sales doesn't always mean big quality.

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So do we actually love coffee as much as we think?

Probably. It's like anything, a lot of folks do things differently at home than they would otherwise. Or else everyone would own a cappuccino machine... No one cooks 5-star meals at home on a Wednesday night. So I get why people will buy Folger's. But we have so many local brands that are killer too, based right here in Maine.

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And there's still Dunkin'! You could just keep that around. But I get it... the $5 tub of Folger's feels a bit easier on the wallet than $12 bag of organic whole bean coffee. It's all about perspective, I guess. But for my perspective, I'm going to keep drinking the good stuff at home.

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