Maine is just treated differently by nature than other places.

I really believe this. Maine is a state where you can never truly depend on the weather for anything. If you live in Southern California, you can pretty much count on it not raining. In Seattle, you can count on it almost always raining. In Maine, you literally can't depend on crap. Well actually, you can almost always depend on Maine to give you crap weather when you need it least. Go figure.

Girl, windy weather.

One thing I've always kind of hated, is that whenever it seems like we're supposed to have a truly wonderful weather day, any time of the year, the wind will howl. If it's supposed to be an early warm spring day, it will undoubtedly be windy. If it's the first break in a long stretch of heat. You can bet that first 70 degree day will be windy AF.

The past several weeks have put that theory to the test.

For real... We Mainers have just been trying to get the Spring in motion, and every time we were supposed to have a nice day, the wind was annoying. In fact, even when the weather was straight trash, the wind was annoying. That's because here in Bangor, and other places around the state, we've been having the windiest May in over a decade.

Photo by abi ismail on Unsplash
Photo by abi ismail on Unsplash

We've had days where it was supposed to be pretty nice, that almost had to account for a wind chill there was so much blowing going on. According to the Facebook page for the National Weather Service in Caribou, areas of Maine have had the windiest May to date, since 2011. So is there any relief in sight for all this wind? As a matter of fact, yes!

However, this is Maine, so it comes with a small price. Naturally, Mother Nature is choosing to ease up on the winds just as we're rolling into black fly/mosquito season. Wind is basically the only natural defense against the flies. Oh well. Enjoy all the scratching. It's awesome.

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