This Saturday, April 20th, will mark 4/20--a date that is the unofficial "weed holiday" of pot enthusiasts worldwide. Authorities expect that because of the date, and its significance in the world of weed, there will likely be a good number of impaired drivers on the roadway that day.


Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesperson Shannon Moss says authorities are reminding people that "If You Feel Different, You Drive Different" and recommends those who partake, make plans to celebrate safely this weekend.

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"Since 2020 cannabinoids have been the most frequently detected drug, other than alcohol, in samples from OUI investigations conducted here in Maine. A review of all OUI/DUID blood samples that were tested in 2023 for the presence of drugs other than alcohol found that 44% of them were positive for cannabinoids. It doesn’t matter what term you use – high, stoned, or wasted – never get behind the wheel after using an impairing substance."

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Bureau of Highway Safety Director, Lauren Stewart says many think that being high behind the wheel isn't that big of a deal, when in fact it's been to slow your reaction time, making it trickier for motorists to stay in their own lane when they're driving, and it affects things like cognitive ability.

"While celebrating with friends and family, remember to look out for each other. If you feel different, you drive different, so plan for a sober ride home."

Stewart hopes that people remember that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after using anything that could impair you, whether booze or drugs, is a bad idea.


"By working together, we can save lives and help keep Maine’s roadways safe."

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