Police said to be on the lookout for three men who have been robbing businesses of large amounts of merchandise in Maine and other states.

Large Amount of Merchandise Stolen

The Department of Homeland Security said three male suspects have “been pushing out large amounts of merchandise using towels to conceal."

Maine Walmart Targeted

The suspects robbed the Walmart in Lincoln, Maine and walked out with $1,183.54 in merchandise, said the Lincoln Police Department.

License Plate on Rental Car

The thieves are using a rental car and a getaway driver. The license plate on the rented vehicle from Texas is STW-6192 or SYW-0192. Police are working with car companies as part of the investigation.

Lincoln Police
Lincoln Police

Multiple States Robbed

The thefts are impacting several states including Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Contact Police with Information

Law enforcement is asking anyone with information about the three men, their vehicle or the robberies to contact 911 or your local police department.

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