Live out your Ghostbusting dreams at Fort Knox!

If you are looking for a spooky weekend adventure this summer, skeptics and believers will both enjoy joining the various Ghost Hunting Investigators, on an after-hours tour through the dark passages of Fort Knox in search of ghosts and paranormal phenomena.

Guests become part of a paranormal investigation using high-tech night vision and sensor equipment to discover what goes bump in the night.

Maine-based paranormal investigation group, 207 Paranormal, will host another season of Ghost Hunts at Fort Knox, including a special event on Halloween!

After the first event was held last weekend, Fort Knox has added four more dates for the remainder of 2024

Saturday, June 8th 8pm-12am

Saturday, August 17th 8pm-12am

Saturday, October 19th 8pm-12am

Thursday, October 31st 8pm-12am

Warning! There is limited lighting with some hazardous terrain. Bring a flashlight!

How do I get tickets?

There is a limited capacity of tickets (minimum age 18 or 12 if accompanied by an adult).

Admission: $35 per person. You can purchase them here

Over the years the stories have become legendary, and that has brought people from all over to get a look for themselves. It has also been the focus of visits from TV shows, and many, many teams of ghost-hunting enthusiasts.

New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen once paid a visit to Fort Knox to research the concept that Maine is reportedly one of the most haunted states in the country.

Your hosts are the crew from 207 Paranormal who will guide you to all the spooky hot spots at Fort Know, and they provide all the ghost-hunting equipment for you.

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