I wake up early for this little radio show called "Matt & Lizzy in the Morning" on 92 Moose. I can't just crawl out of bed and come in to work. I have to be awake for some time so I can snap into reality.

Because of that, I go to the gym to get that blood pumping at 3:45am each morning.

I love being up before the world wakes. It's calming and serene, but there is one thing that has been happening that isn't too calm, let alone serene.

As I drive down the roads of Lewiston towards my Auburn Planet Fitness, I go through four intersections. It should take me under nine minutes to get to my gym. Maybe even faster because no one is on the roads, but that does not happen.

Why? The red lights. They take too long to change.

This morning, things got out of hand. I was stopped at my last intersection and the red light just would not change to green.

At one point, I felt like I was on the verge of defying that red light, but I resisted the temptation. I just couldn't break the law.

Instead, I found myself sitting and waiting. How long, you ask? A staggering 10 minutes.

My liberation finally arrived when another car came to my rescue, breaking the wait of that red light. However, because of this, my plans for a refreshing shampoo in the shower were foiled.

Now, I'm left with greasy hair.

I usually roll with the punches and don't let minor setbacks bother me, but I'm genuinely puzzled why my car didn't have the magic touch to trigger the light change?

Ever experienced something like this?

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Can you run a red light in Maine if it's taking too long?

No. According to Maine Law, "The operator must stop and remain stationary until an indication to proceed is shown."

So even if you think it's broken or taking far too long, you still have to obey that light.

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