Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night on a cliff in a house shaped like a ship? Well, honey, this gem was discovered, and I can hear the sea inviting us all for the excitement.

The listing was found on Airbnb, revealing this remarkable white, triangular ship-shaped cottage perched right on the edge of a cliff. Yup, a cliff!


The discovery piqued my curiosity, and am eager to share the details. Located in Machiasport, Maine, this is a 2 bedroom cliff house that you can stay in for $245 per night, according to airbnb. 

According to the post, it is called the "Prowhouse" and was designed by a poet! His name is Phil Rose and he was a Sea Captain, so fittingly, the house resembles a ship's prow.

This is the perfect spot for a staycation with your lover or family weekend getaway!

And don't even get me started on the views! Breathtaking! The floor to ceiling windows provide picturesque views of Howards Cove, which is an ocean inlet literally being hugged by trees!


Let's get back to the cliff.. it's 130 feet high, according to the rental description, Imagine waking up with your coffee in hand and looking 130 down to the water.

Well you can, for just under $250 per night. The house is listed by Julie and Rich and sleeps 4 people.

Take a glimpse inside the home below, and afterward, you can determine if this place calls you home for a night or two!

You Stay at This Cottage On A Cliff, in Maine

Fancy an adventurous night or two spent on the edge of a cliff in a ship-shaped house? Well, you can!

Gallery Credit: Airbnb

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