When it comes to wildlife in Maine, there is no shortage of odd sightings throughout the year. From bears standing on people's back porches to giant bull moose trotting down a city street, Maine is home to all kinds of 'wild' antics.

Last night, while I was scrolling through the endless Facebook feed, I came across a post that I had to do a double-take on.

The post, complete with photos, was published by Maine hunter, Blaine Cardilli in the Maine Deer Hunters Facebook group. I almost couldn't believe what I was looking at.

Legless Deer, Blaine Cardilli
Legless Deer, Blaine Cardilli

Blaine went on to explain to the group,

Saw this doe 4 weeks ago, dragging a badly broken leg around, then she disappeared, but last night we saw her again and now it's gone. She seemed to be doing pretty well!

As you can imagine, people in the comment section were very curious as to why a deer's leg would just 'fall off'. Blaine explained to people that were asking that the deer had appeared to have a severe injury that had caused the front right leg of the doe to be 'hanging on'.

Legless Deer, Blaine Cardilli
Legless Deer, Blaine Cardilli

A day later, Blaine explained that the deer returned to his Augusta, Maine, yard, and the leg had apparently fallen off. Fortunately, Blaine said that whatever the wound was seemed to be healing quite nicely and that, despite now only having three legs, the deer was getting around okay.

If you're an avid Maine hunter, this link will show you the top 10 Maine towns for deer hunting.

Have you ever witnessed an odd wildlife moment here in Maine? If so, tell us about it and submit your photos to us through our free station app.

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