Country superstars Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen have teamed up for a beautiful new song, “Mamaw’s House.”

Rhett and Wallen penned the track alongside Chase McGill and Matt Dragstrem, and the midtempo tune finds both singers reflecting on the safe haven they’ve found in their grandmothers' homes.

Instead of opting for an over-the-top narrative, Rhett and Wallen simply let their heartfelt sentiments paint a moving picture of what spending time with their mamaws has always been like. The result is a universally relatable song that'll take listeners back to their childhood years spending time with grannies.

The song opens with a voice memo of Wallen excusing himself as he takes his grandma’s phone call.

“Sorry y’all, my mamaw called me. I’ll be right back,” Wallen tells his buddies, before his grandma is heard over the loudspeakers saying, “What’s up Morgan?” Soon after, the song kicks off, with Wallen helming the first verse and chorus.

“It was always hotter than the grease she used to fry that chicken / Smelled like Marlboro Reds and all the butter from her biscuits / And that Lincoln in the driveway, circa 1982 / Was on the shiny side of rusty and on the paler side of blue / 'Cussin and complainin' weren't allowed in Mamaw's house,” Wallen recalls over gently strummed acoustic guitar chords in the opening verse.

“If every nightstand had a Bible, every front porch had a swing / If every backyard had a garden, every front door had a screen / Well, maybe this crazy world would straighten up and slow on down / If every town had a Mamaw's house,” the Tennessee native sings with palpable sincerity in the chorus, highlighting the comforting fixtures he's found in his grandma’s place.

Rhett then arrives in the heartwarming second verse, recounting how his mamaw played an indispensable role in shaping him to be the man he is today.

“She'd ask if I was hungry every thirty seconds / And say things like ‘hellfire.’ ‘tarnation’ and ‘I reckon's’ / It's where I spent my summers and she put me to work / Shellin' peas and shuckin' corn until my fingers hurt / No tellin' who I’d have been without Mamaw's house,” Rhett reflects on the memories forged with both his South Georgia grandmas.

“Mamaw’s House” serves as the bonus track off Rhett’s newly released 20 Number Ones collection. Out now, the project features his chart-topping hits including “Die a Happy Man,” “Marry Me,” “Crash and Burn,” and “Country Again.”

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