Everywhere on the internet recently, there has been quite a stir over stink bugs. Mostly because of what an unbelievable pest they are. And rightly so. they invade an extremely wide variety of crops, so their feeding versatility makes them a danger to farmers everywhere. And being strictly vegetarian, that means they're going to eat twice as many plants.

Now since they're vegetarian, I'm sure that's part of the reason they stink. Sure, according to Wikipedia, they have some special glands under their legs. But we all know that when we ride in a car with our vegetarian friends, we leave the windows down for a reason. Somebody needs to get these bugs on a more diverse diet.

And I have to say, if stink bugs had been around when I was a kid, we would have had a field day with those. In a way, I'm envious of present-day children that get to find these buggers, and torture each other with them. I know my friends and I would be throwing them at each other, or stomping on them in each other's general direction, or whatever.

However... Due to recent events surrounding the Polar Vortex we all experienced recently, especially in the mid-west, stink bug populations in this country took a devastating blow. They aren't naturally suited to these extreme temps, and in some areas, their population may die off by up to 95%, says WGME-TV13.

And before you go crazy, hoping that means we successfully killed off a bunch of other insect, our beloved mosquitoes, black flies, and ticks have been dealing with our climate for centuries. So don't expect any major relief there. Sorry. We're just getting a break from the stink..... Not the suck.

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