April brings the opening day of open water fishing, but with the cold weather we have had this winter, open water could be hard to find. Maine regulations changed in 2010 to continue to allow ice fishing in certain areas as long as there is ice. 

Kenduskeag River via Amanda McDonald

It used to be come April it was time to put the traps away no matter what. After years of complaints about the lack of open water into May the law was changed in 2010 to allow ice fishing to continue past the deadline in most places.

Anglers are asked to update their knowledge of the rules and regulations on where and when they can fish. The rules are different in every section of Maine and authorities will be taking notice. So learn the rules for the speciafic body of water you will be fishing unless you want to end up on North Woods Law and some fines.

Also keep in mind spring ice is often softer than winter ice, always check the depth and overall safety of the ice before you go on it.  This time of year causes melting and open water along shorelines and moving water.

Ice Fishing shacks must be removed from the ice but portables are okay. Consult the 2015 Fishing Law Book for the most up to date regulations.