The Governor Hill Mansion (136 State Street, Augusta, Maine) was built in 1901 by John F. Hill, the 45th governor of Maine.  Built of yellow brick with granite trim, it was built by Maine architect John Calvin Stevens...   And it is reportedly HAUNTED.

Over the course of its history, the mansion has been used as a residence, used to hide Japanese during World War 2, and used as a retreat for the Catholic Church.  Currently, it is privately owned and used as an event space.  It has been on the National Register Of Historic Places since 1977.

Some of the paranormal activity allegedly witnessed within the house includes full body apparitions, disembodied vocals, physical contact with spirits, and repeated sightings of a ghost known as "The Man In Black."

In 2012, Maine Ghost Hunters /  ZeroLux Paranormal did an investigation at the Mansion.  Here's what they found out...


After watching the videos, what do you think?

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