The incident we reported earlier this morning in Trenton has resulted in a man being hospitalized and charged with aggravated assault.

The violence started to unfold early this morning when a woman was able to run for help after being stabbed.

State Police were called out to the Oak Point Road in Trenton to search for the suspect.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says 48-year-old James Stanton allegedly stabbed his girlfriend and fled into the woods.

State Police and wardens located tracks in the snow and discovered Stanton in the woods about an hour after the incident in the home and he was suffering from severe, self-inflicted stab wounds.

McCausland says Stanton was airlifted to Eastern Maine Medical Center where he was charged with aggravated assault and remains under police guard.

It's not yet clear what lead to the violence and McCausland says the woman was not severely injured in the attack.